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  • He has bee... Read More »
  • Arvin Taali and Tim Vo were knowledgeable and responsive every step of the way. They both were most interested in what was best for me. Answered ev... Read More »
  • been trying to get parts for my motorcycle for my DF250RTC that they sold me this year and so far i have been given the round about to talk to peop... Read More »
  • Gary McPeak and Laura Rosen, were quick and responsive through out our refi. Initial skepticism when I first talked to Gary. I explained we had gon... Read More »
  • There is a whole page of 5 star reviews here, with several days having two or three. it might make you wonder who writes them and why. with this lo... Read More »
  • Terrible Experience!!! DO NOT RENT FROM GREENDALE APARTMENTS OR FROM ACCO MANAGEMENT!! They tried to swindle me out of 1000$+ more of rent and was... Read More »
  • I paid these guys lots of money to remodel the kitchen and 2 bathrooms in my house. They took way longer than they should have...more than 3 months... Read More »
  • Isaac & Amanda were wonderful. They were both very willing to go the extra mile for us. They were both very professional, and respectful. We appre... Read More »
  • This December will be my 4th year working with Boris to make my dance teacher's gift individualised and spectacular.The showcase music plays in it'... Read More »
  • Great Company! Great Watch! Read More »
  • Great experience so far in setting up a gold and silver backed IRA. K.C. Derian helped and talked me through the process and application while expl... Read More »
  • It is great service. I was so happy when found a mail with my keys in mail box. It is nearly impossible to find those keys in Russia! And I have to... Read More »
  • The company has not delivered on the promises made. They don't return phone calls, or follow up with emails. I have not received the promised servi... Read More »
  • Zack Seither and Angela Duplantier with Prime Choice Funding did exactly what they said and they stood by their word. They overcame the challenges... Read More »
  • Sammy was friendly and professional. He was there for me from start to finish. Everything was done from email and phone conversations. Explained ev... Read More »
  • hi hello im mckarl nogas from masbate city philippines and i wann inquire if what is your process upun buying palladium metals or the co... Read More »
  • My home is located in a very hot place, so I purchased a portable evaporative cooler from My Home Climate and this cooler cools down my room in no... Read More »
  • Great people and service. Extremely pleased with the final results. Thanks, Read More »
  • She treated me with the up most respect while being very informative with her explanations and descriptive with details of the service that I was h... Read More »
  • I met Kate in the Leadership MWV class, and am happy to now call her one of my closest friends. She is an extremely motivated individual, who has a... Read More »
  • My husband is more the adventurer type, but I LOVE to shop when on vacation. Thank you so much 4 Seasons 365 for finding us a trip we could both en... Read More »
  • Millennium travel packages are a great way to take the whole family on vacation without going over your budget. We recently went on a trip to Santa... Read More »
  • thank you to the entire legal staff at Roosevelt Law Center PC. God bless you. after months of being ignored by the mortgage people, after being to... Read More »
  • god bless all of you wonderful people at Homeowner Protection Alliance. without your help and true to your name, protection my home would have been... Read More »
  • Great job. Excellant customer service. Michael Smollins was very helpful in the transfer of my IRA Funds INto a self directed gold IRA. Well done.... Read More »
  • I have known Elton for three years now, so I have had enough time to appreciate the kind of remarkable man he and his company Wholesale Direct Meta... Read More »
  • I am very pleased with this service because it was quick and easy. I was approved and knew within a week to refinance my auto loan. Sara was effici... Read More »
  • I am an active duty member on deployment sailing around south china sea when I had to work with Keith McKay, Bob Lin and Andy Nguyen at Prime Choic... Read More »
  • Mauricio was very patient , thorough, and most importantly extremely honest. He helped me through ever step of the refinance. He was my one contact... Read More »
  • Dave was awesome!!! I have done this a few times, and have never worked with anyone who took the time to make sure that all my questions were answe... Read More »
  • I've refinanced about 6 different times on different homes/properties and this one has been the most pleasant experience out of all them. No surpri... Read More »
  • Capital West Advisors team did a great job in helping me fine-tune my business plan. They spent a lot of time talking with me to understand what my... Read More »
  • I spoke with Fernando Pepio - he made the entire process very smooth and enjoyable. It took about 2 days to complete - and I get to go two months w... Read More »
  • I appreciate everything you guys do to help those of us in need, and how you educate and teach why we do this to ourselves. Read More »
  • I recently ordered a Star Trac bike. Steve was beyond helpful and professional. He was a great in helping me to make the purchase. He made the tran... Read More »
  • To be upfront I run a medical billing company. I have seen them around for a few years and even evaluated their services for all my clients in 2013... Read More »
  • Great way to get the best deals for virtual goods and very trusted! Read More »
  • My family has had an excessive amount of things going on in the past months, so we're extremely pleased how easy Gary and Laura made the refinance... Read More »
  • This is my review of my recent interaction/refinance action with your company. This was my second ReFi with Prime Choice, and I must say that is wa... Read More »
  • Best and easiest way to be deceived is a place the order without reading customer reviews about service. I highly recommend to read them and follow... Read More »
  • We were greatly appreciative of such a quick turnaround time and everyone we spoke with throughout the booking process was very responsive. We will... Read More »
  • I am very pleased with my decision to go with STRADA. The team walked me through each step, making sure that I knew exactly what was going on throu... Read More »
  • Thank you for the amazing move. My things was not light because it consists of many heavy things like a cabinet full of clothes and other equipment... Read More »
  • I want to thank Madeline Lam and her team at Linear Home Loans for making the refinance process extremely smooth from beginning to end. Madeline is... Read More »
  • I had to give the whole service a try first before I purchased a package. True enough, there was a total of 56 point increase on my credit scores a... Read More »
  • Worked with Alex, very professional! understands how important a provider's time is. Experience was quick and seamless!! Karen C. Read More »
  • This is the worse marketing company. They promised to update my old address in old directories but they never did. Instead they updated new directo... Read More »
  • For years my husband and I have tried to do a modification with Ocwen. It was excuse after excuse, with no help! I became disabled and my husband w... Read More »
  • I recently purchased a Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue and MPower Eschelon2 console with power meter. I contacted Steve during my proc... Read More »
  • I just got a bill for over $1000.00 for my small business phone. I called my phone company to find out this UTI switched my phone service with out... Read More »
  • I stumbled upon Westwood Legal by accident and I'm very happy that I did. Initially speaking with them, we confirmed a plan of action to take my in... Read More »
  • I ordered some of Gravity Defyer shoes early this year. Took a while to get them and when I did, they were not the right size (my problem not knowi... Read More »
  • A few weeks ago I was approached by Callbox on an email campaign I suppose, and they found me at the right time, as I was looking for a marketing s... Read More »
  • One of the best places i have got gill from Read More »
  • Kayla went the extra mile to help me with my car re-finance. I was extremely impressed with her patience with me and dedication to my situation. I... Read More »
  • The customer service is amazing with live chat and the sellers reply very quickly if you have any concerns. They ensure your safety in buying accou... Read More »
  • Choosing an SEO company requires more than a simple phone interview or a quick browse on their services. To ensure lasting and positive results for... Read More »
  • I've had the most wonderful experience purchasing Schwinn A.C Sport Cycle with Steve. I could not believe how informative and patient he was to all... Read More »
  • I recently purchased Cybex 750A. Was having issue getting it on time. Spoke to Augustine Pizano. He listened to my concern and took action right aw... Read More »
  • I can't thank the team of Oak Ridge Financial enough, for working with my lender to modify my loan. They were a god send. I was very skeptical when... Read More »
  • Keith did a wonderful job refinancing my car loan. He explained everything to me very efficiently and sometimes even twice per my request. He was a... Read More »
  • Hola mi nombre es Lianet Vidal, solo quería comentarles acerca de mi proceso de en el refinanciamiento de mi carro el cual fue muy sencillo y rápid... Read More »
  • I worked with Steve Park on my auto loan and found him courteous, efficient, conscientious and well informed on what he was doing. His explanations... Read More »
  • The team at UMC was excellent, especially Adrian and Lisa. they kept me informed at all times of the progress of my application. I had some difficu... Read More »
  • I wanted my Roth rollover conversion to gold and silver to be seamless and through much research I chose Regal Assets. I work hard for my money/sav... Read More »
  • We are your Local Tyre service and because we do not have the overheads of the National Tyre Firms, we can guarantee to supply and fit your tyres c... Read More »
  • I was recently contacted by Secure one capital regarding an inquiry I had made on line about refinancing my condo. Previously, I was working with a... Read More »
  • I used this company 5 years ago so didn't hesitate to place an order with them this September. When I was giving them my credit card number they sa... Read More »
  • The we whole process didn't take very long and it was very simple. I was very satisfied and would recommend this service to a any one Read More »
  • This was my first time with a precious metals IRA. The initial paperwork was very easy and it only took a few minutes to fill it out. I highly reco... Read More »
  • Did wonderful job with refinancing my car. Done all the work for me. I would highly recommend Keith for any auto loan. Read More »
  • I love the fact that some one is taking our digital property, and across the board giving it value. If I want to resell my xbox discs I am able to... Read More »
  • I just completed my automobile refinance with the assistance of Steve Park and he was awesome! He assisted me along the way. Steve was professional... Read More »
  • I highly recommend Oak Ridge Financial to anyone that needs assistance with a home modification loan. The guidance and support received throughout... Read More »
  • Kalya Banuelos and her staff and everyone that worked with her were efficient and very comfortable to work with ,my refinance was done quickly easy... Read More »
  • Easy process I highly recommend it to anyone.Fernando Pepio is really easy to work with, great customer service. Read More »
  • I'm very satisfied . Was able to incorporate everything we wanted into incredible visibility .... went above and beyond by giving us a SEO services... Read More »
  • I prefer as it is the single platform to choose the awesome titles, slogan, taglines, and logo design for your business. And its list... Read More »
  • I refinanced my car through National Auto Loan Network. Kayla Banuelos answered all my questions completely and in a friendly, efficient businessli... Read More »
  • I would definitely recommend NALN. My loan was processed in a matter of 2 hours.Steve Park was so helpful and very polite.I felt like I was speakin... Read More »
  • I just completed a Gold IRA rollover. Charles is a very patient person. I have called him many times with questions. This was my first time buying... Read More »
  • naln lowered my apr from 6.24%-3.99% and it only takes a week to get everything done. Kayla Banuelos who took care of my case was very nice. She ex... Read More »
  • Rami was great to do business with quick and easy. Quick and easy and no hassle.Thank you Rami. and New American Funding!!!! Read More »
  • I purchased 4 music boxes for my wife and grand children from the Music Box Attic. I knew pretty much what I wanted the end result to be and descri... Read More »
  • I took the course over a three day period. you can actually finish in a day. It makes you do some real thinking if you want to get something out of... Read More »
  • Denise M. and Garrett M. were very helpful and informative through the entire process. I couldn't have asked for an easier process. I especially ap... Read More »
  • I called several times to cancel my membership but no one pick my phone but keep tried to contact them. After long time, I got chance to speak with... Read More »
  • Preparing for surgery is never an easy time especially when the insurance cost is pay 800 a month for is worthless and will not pay. I called for h... Read More »
  • It was privilege working with Augusta Precious Metals. Jeff Ward did a great job in making me feel conferrable and not pressured into making any de... Read More »
  • So I called Studio Cycles after checking reviews of my desired product on the web. The online review and information gave a professional and inform... Read More »
  • Do yourself a favor and align yourself with Michael Luce. We couldn't happier with the service, communication and professionalism of Michael and th... Read More »
  • Gary's original plan to save me $$$ sounded to good to be true, however, that's exactly what happened and I'm saving hundreds in payments per month... Read More »
  • There are many HOA management companies, however HOA Organizers is top notch. They get things done in a timely manner and are very knowledgeable wh... Read More »
  • I used this service twice in one month for 2 different funerals and could have not been more pleased with the flowers. Read More »
  • By using their custom writing service, I save from being fail in class. I was busy with some personal matters and not have time to complete my home... Read More »
  • Plain and simple, we got an 11X ROI from our paid search campaigns last month. There is really no more to say other than that is above and beyond o... Read More »
  • I recently refinanced my home with and I want to tell you what a great Loan Originator Elliot Miranda is. My old Loan Originator gave me conflictin... Read More »
  • Trust link seems to be a company that cares about people and their safety. If you're looking for a business to purchase security alarms from, look... Read More »
  • So I've bought and sold 8 properties and I must say, I am so happy and glad that my Realtor utilize Pure Logic Escrow to represent my transaction t... Read More »
  • So we bought a spa at the LA county fair . We were told that the spa we bought could be ran on either 220 or 120 v Not the case...We ended up settl... Read More »
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